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Election coming ... Get on the roll!

The Howard Government has passed significant changes to Australia's electoral laws. In the past, the electoral rolls were open for a week after the election was called, in order to allow people to enrol for the first time or to update their enrolment address.

Under Howard's new laws, the electoral roll will now close for new voters on the very day the writs are issued (usually the Monday after the election is called). This means he can call the election on a weekend, and people who are not already enrolled now only have that Monday to act, or they won't have a say at all come Election Day. The new laws also shorten the window to update your enrolment address from one week to just three working days.

If we're not careful, these unfair changes will affect hundreds of thousands of Australians. Last election, 423,975 people sent their enrolment forms in during the week just before the cut-off date. 78,816 of those were new enrolments.

We don't want this election to go down in history as the one that disenfranchised Australians, especially young people. That's why it's vital that everyone check their enrolment details now, and for new voters to get on the roll as soon as they become eligible.

To make it easier, we've listed a few key websites below.


You can check your enrolment details by visiting:


If changes are required, fill out the form available at:


For all young people aged 17 or 18 years, this is the link for you:

email BMUC