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In the late 1980s the BMUC was formed by activists from different unions as a community organisation to "advance unionism, living standards, social justice and employment" in the Blue Mountains.

In August 1997 the BMUC was incorporated in NSW under the Associations Incorporation Act 1984 (reg: Y2665505)

Objects and Aims

Act to advance unionism, living standards, social justice and employment.

Organise regular "Politics in the Pub" sessions that invite speakers to address the Blue Mountains community on appropriate issues.

Assist in the protection of rights for all wage and salary workers.

In solidarity with other community groups formulate policy that protects the environment and community assets.

Support the election of people at the local, state and national level who will serve the best interests of wage and salary earners and the Blue Mountains Unions Council.

Publicise Blue Mountains Unions Council activities and views in the media.

Publish a newsletter for regular dissemination within the Blue Mountains community of Blue Mountains Unions Council views.

Act in concert with Unions for the purpose of recruitment.

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